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Slaves at the Manchester Academy, In Review

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Slaves at the Manchester Academy, In Review

If you’re not prepared to mosh until you’re bruised and battered, you might not want to go see Slaves.

If you’re not prepared to put your hands on people you don’t know, you might not want to go see Slaves.

If you’re not prepared to hear some heavy drums, loud bass and some harsh truths, you might not want to go see Slaves.

Still looking to see Slaves after all of that? Then you’re in for a treat, because if you’re ready to jump around into strangers and bellow lyrics out, then that also means you’re ready to have a phenomenal evening.

If you’re not, well, stick to the outskirts and enjoy the show anyway because Slaves still put on a performance worth remembering, whether you’re jumping around like a lunatic or not.

Slaves are an unrelenting punk band, from the moment they start to the moment they end, the energy they put into their performance is something else. As soon as they stepped on stage, the crowd was theirs, swept up in the stage presence of these two guys from Kent.

Despite the harsh, garage sounds that the band produces, it was captured well by the venue, and carried clearly all the way towards the back. You didn’t lose the any sounds in the noise of one another, everything came through and allowed you the opportunity to properly appreciate the noise as it was meant to be.

I’ve never left a gig so sweaty, so battered, and so happy about it in my life. In the classic twist that is usually the case with punk shows, you have this juxtaposition of violent physical expression with absolute care for each others well being. It’s an interesting space to be in, and despite all the jostling and pushing you always feel quite at home.

All in all, it was a night to remember. Everything came together and worked flawlessly and seamlessly to provide a fun time, no matter what you might’ve been looking for. Mosh? Sure. Good music? Got you covered. Couple drinks? You bet. Slaves is the kind of gig where you can make it what you want, so long as you enjoy the music.

Written by
Russell Kingsfield
Wednesday 21st November 2018

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