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Aurora at the Manchester Academy, In Review

Last night Aurora took to the stage of the Manchester Academy, showcasing a talent beyond her years.

Aurora at the Manchester Academy, In Review

Anticipation was in the air last night as the crowd piled into the Manchester Academy 2, waiting eagerly for the main event of the evening to take centre stage.

As I looked across the room, the sheer diversity of people attending served as a clear indicator of how many people Aurora, the young Norwegian singer, has touched through her music, having just released her second EP, 'Infections of a Different Kind (Step 1).

Her dreamy and emotion-filled pop music has always felt like a powerful force of nature, exploring concepts of human nature, depression and sombre musings through her delicate yet fierce vocals and harmonic musical landscape.

So small in stature that I barely realised she had arrived on stage until my friend pointed her out, the room instantly quietened once her chilling A Capella vocals filled the rafters. 

Her voice rang out – strong and clear and yet delicate, gentle and soft. That dream-like, ethereal quality to her tones and notes transported me through woods and across oceans, blending the natural feel of her music with contemporary beats to birth a vivacity that is impossible to resist. 

It's clear that music for Aurora is a way of expressing the inner rhythm of her body, every beat echoing her movements and each of her movements following the beat. Every breath that came out of her was pointed and controlled, adding to the glorious cacophony of sound that was taking place, enveloping the crowd and uniting us as one whole through songs like WarriorSoft UniverseMurder Song and Through the Eyes of a Child

In between songs, Aurora chatted with us and shared anecdotes and confessions of her appreciation for each and every one of us, her fans yelling back praise and cries of 'I love you'. Stories about banana flies and eating chinese food might have seemed out of place considering the content of her lyrics, but the friendliness and warmth Aurora exuded drew the audience all in closer and made us feel like she had been one of our very best friends all along. 

So yes, Aurora, let's go on holiday together.

Written by
Kestra Walker
Thursday 11th October 2018

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