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Exclusive Interview with The She Street Band

The She Street Band are the hottest Bruce Springsteen cover band in the world, breathing female energy into his incredibly poetic music.

Exclusive Interview with The She Street Band

135 million records worldwide, 20 Grammys, two Golden Globs, an Academy Award, a Tony Award and a seat in both the Songwriter's Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - the reach of Bruce Springsteen goes far. He is undeniably one of the world's best-selling artists of all time, and him and his E Street Band have become widely known for their poetic lyrics and incredible stage performances. 

So it comes as no surprise that Springsteen has touched the hearts of many including a young UK bassist, Jody Osborn. Inspired by a performance of his in London, Osborn wanted to become part of the music and sought out to form her own band who loved and wanted to celebrate the music of Bruce Springsteen, and so The She Street Band came to be. 

With members coming from the UK, Ireland, Sweden and the States, The She Street Band took to their first performance at The Moth Club in Hackney to perform for a sold out crowd. Since then they've gone on to earn features in Time Out, NME, Elle Magazine and Grazia as well as nods from the real E Street Band after bassist Harry Tallent was spotted wearing some She Street merch in Nashville. 

Now the show-stopping seven-piece are getting ready to head out on tour around the UK, playing shows in Brighton, London, Glasgow, Dublin, Liverpool and Manchester! 

We sat down with Clare McGrath (glockenspiel, vocals) and Mara Daniele (guitar, vocals) to discuss the band and what's coming next - read what they had to say below:

How did you meet?

Mara: "Jody was the one with the idea for this project after seeing Bruce live at Wembley stadium in 2016. She couldn’t get enough of the experience of seeing him live and wanted to be a part of it in some way. She gathered up her female musician friends and went searching high and low for other musicians who loved Bruce. Gigs, Youtube, Facebook, you name it."

"Jody knew her vision clearly and what she wanted it to embody -- that is what makes it so special. I met these girls at my first rehearsal/ audition/ meet the band for She Street. I am one of the new ones to join the band and so I hadn’t met them before this project but now we are all like sisters."

What made you decide to be a Springsteen cover band? What is it about the music that appeals to you?

Clare: "Bruce’s music has such a feel good vibe and even if you’re not a massive fan it’s hard not to have a bit of a bop along! He can really bring people together and we wanted to create a fun, energetic space where people could come along, dance around and maybe even make a few friends in the crowd-which has happened!"

Can you see yourselves branching out into original music?

Mara: "For She Street we are planning on keeping it solely Bruce- I mean what more could you possibly ever need? While that’s true, some of the girls in the band also have their own artist projects. Now that we rehearse and play together so often, it’s only natural that some of the members might play gigs with each other for different projects as well."

What was the audience like for that first sold-out show? Did you ever expect a turnout like that?

Clare: "Absolutely insane. In the most incredible way! We did not at all expect the welcome we got! People were just going wild, singing along, jumping around, trying to crowd surf. There were points when I thought actually we can just stop singing here because these guys have got it covered!"

You of course exchange lead vocals depending on the song, saying that the different vocalists represent the different sides of Bruce – can you describe these roles that you take on?

Mara: "We have a lot of fun with this one and it’s given us so many laughs. Clare is Party Bruce. Definitely Party Bruce. Everyone is always smiling and dancing when Clare has the mic. The energy definitely lifts in the room. Lynn is the mysterious and sentimental Bruce. We’ve gotten so many comments about how she is able to really bring out a different side to Bruce’s lyrics and show it from a female’s perspective. Jody ranges from Girl Next Door to Sultry Bruce depending on her tunes. You will need to fan yourself after listening to one of Jody’s leads."

Clare: "And you are rock n roll Bruce! The many faces of Bruce!"

And you’ll be touring later this year! Is there anywhere you’re particularly looking forward to playing?

Mara: "Everywhere! The London community has been so welcoming to us and we are really excited to take it on the road and meet Bruce fans across the UK And Ireland."

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Written by
Kestra Walker
Friday 10th August 2018
Updated: Monday 13th August 2018

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